And again, I’m sitting here
Lonely, frosty, dishwelled hair
Thinking of what has been today
Thinking of what I could say
If you would stand in front of me
But i don’t know if that’s to be

I’m feeling like a raindrop falling
And you sit there, bored, yawning
You don’t even notice me
Do you really do not see
That I’m the one who loves you
But after all, is that really true?

So again I’m sitting here
Everything could be so clear
But you don’t like the way I am
That’s the reason for my pain
The feelings that I have for you
Are really, absolutely true

So please beloved just say a word
Silence is just like a sword
You run into my bleeding heart
And so slowly I will fall apart
So this Raindrop with no hope
Is getting unsafely near the slope

Will you catch it, open the door
Or will it splash right in the floor

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